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eco-friendly party favor recycled crayons in kraft box

Crazy Crayons

"Recycle" Crayon Sticks


Teach kids of all ages about recycling with this fun set of colorful "recycle" crayon sticks. These crayons are made with crayons collected by The National Crayon Recycle Program. Your purchase supports crayon recycling and recycling education. 
  • Set of ten (10) solid color recycled crayon sticks
  • Packaged in a plastic-free Kraft box
  • Crayons and packaging are non-toxic

Crayons and packaging are made with 100% Recycled non-toxic materials

Origin: Made in the USA

Crayons: Give these out as party favors or as gifts- they are sure to bring smiles to happy faces! Once these have been almost used up, contact The National Crayon Recycle Program to find out how you can recycle your crayons and keep the party going. 

Outer packaging: recyclable

Crazy Crayons/The National Crayon Recycle Program started in 1993 by collecting local crayons. Now it is nationally known and accepts crayons daily from individuals, schools, restaurants and organizations across the country. It is a great way to teach children about recycling by using one of their favorite everyday things: crayons. All the products are 100% recycled, hand poured and packaged, and are sure to send your little one's imaginations soaring.