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Devra Party

12" Honeycomb Diamond


No party decor is complete without diamonds. Available in a variety of colors, these 12 inch decorations will brighten any party or backdrop. Each honeycomb diamond ships flat and comes with double-sided tape and a string for hanging along the wall, from a doorway, in a window, or from a ceiling.   You can use the tape to secure the diamond open, though we prefer to use a paperclip instead so we can easily unfold them to reuse later.

Recycled paper, sustainably sourced chipboard, string, glue

Please note, to reduce plastic, these do not come packaged

Dimensions: 12 inch diameter

Simply unfold and carefully store your diamond to use again at your next party.

Devra Party is a family owned and operated manufacturer of honeycomb tissue paper party decorations located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They manufacture a wide range of products including honeycomb balls, paper fans, streamers and garlands, diamonds and more using recycled paper.