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Clockwork Soldier

Create Your Own Snappy Shark


Build your own model shark head and tail to decorate your room as if it's swimming through the wall! The king of the ocean, sharks should be loved not feared! They are the amazing underwater predators keeping our ocean food chain in check.

Plastic-free for a happier planet. 


  • 15x card pieces
  • 1x instruction sheet
  • Age 7+
  • Dimensions when built:
    • HEAD - 11.5" x 12.5" x 14.5" (29x 32 x 37cm)
    • TAIL - 8.5" x 4" x 8.5" (21x 10 x22cm)
  • No glue or scissors needed 

FSC-certified recycled card

Origin: Designed in the UK, made in China

Hang in a bedroom or playroom to continue the fun. With care, please enjoy your shark head and tail for weeks and months to come. Feeling finished with the fun? Please be kind to the earth and recycle.

Shark head and tail: Recyclable

Outer packaging: Recyclable

Inspired by nostalgia, Clockwork Soldier specializes in paper activities and craft kits that will keep children (and adults!) entertained. Their kits encourage children to use their creativity, learn and have fun. With these kits and a little imagination children can do almost anything, including travel to the moon, enter a magical world, or roam the earth as dinosaurs! Each kit contains a project to build or create something to use, play with or display, and contains fun activities to learn interesting facts along the way. The impact on the environment is of great importance so FSC-certified recycled paper and card is used, with some products utilizing the packaging into the product for minimal wastage.