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Devra Party

13" Tissue Paper Fan


Add a pop of color to your decorative display or tissue paper fan backdrop with our 13 inch tissue paper party fans. These beautiful tissue fans will brighten any party or backdrop. Each fan ships flat and comes with an attached string for hanging along the wall, from a doorway, in a window, or from a ceiling.   You can tie the two ends together or secure with a paperclip, then unfold to easily store and reuse later. 

Recycled paper, sustainably sourced chipboard, string, glue

Please note, to reduce plastic, these do not come packaged.

Simply unfold and carefully store your fan to use again at your next party!

Devra Party is a family owned and operated manufacturer of honeycomb tissue paper party decorations located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They manufacture a wide range of products including honeycomb balls, paper fans, streamers and garlands, diamonds and more using recycled paper.