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Karmic Seed

Palm Leaf Square Plates (25 Count)


These palm leaf plates are a great alternative to plastic. Handcrafted from naturally falling areca palm leaves which are gathered, cleaned and heat pressed. The process uses no chemicals or waxes. 

  • 100% natural palm leaves
  • Compostable / Biodegradable
  • Can be used with all food types
  • Refrigerator safe and leak proof
  • No chemicals or binders used in production

Made from palm leaves

Origin: Made in India

Plates: Compostable

These plates are designed for one-time use, however, they may be used again if they are carefully cleaned.

  • Wash them gently with a soapy brush and water.
  • Do not immerse in water.
  • Dry flat upside down.
  • We find these are best reusable when using with room temperature or cooler foods as opposed to hot.

After you are finished using them, add to your trash with food waste or home compost. The palm leaf plates naturally biodegrade in approximately 2 months after disposal.

Outer Packaging: Plastic

Karmic Seed aims to create products made from agricultural waste in an effort to help restore the environment and create social change. All of their products come from nature and are compostable. Their products are nature-produced and packaged by hand in India.