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At Adderley, we sell party goods that are manufactured with the environment in mind and we are proud to work with companies who share our vision as well. Most of our brands use some or all of the below in their product ranges: 

  • FSC-certified papers
  • Vegetable inks
  • Recycled or renewable materials in manufacturing process
  • Alternative packaging options (or are in the process of shifting away from plastic packaging)


Many of our brands also support their own sustainability initiatives including: 

  • Actively engaging in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint or are currently operating as carbon neutral companies
  • Participate in 1% for the Planet
  • Donate to local ocean conservation and/or
  • Demonstrate a commitment to fair trade practices 



    A note on transparency: 

    Some goods sold on our site have plastic packaging despite the product itself being eco-friendly. (Note: Adderley does not use any plastic in the packaging of your order to ship to you). These brands are actively in the process of changing the packaging to more eco-friendly materials. Despite the plastic packaging, we have consciously chosen to sell the product because we believe in the product, but also to demonstrate to our suppliers that there is a very real demand for both eco-friendly products and packaging. We want to be active agents for change.


    A note on recycling: 

    Please check with your local council to confirm items that can be recycled in your jurisdiction. Some have restrictions once paper comes into contact with food grease.